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Who We Are

Price is important, service is important, but having someone you can rely on 100% is by far the most important element of production. Being in production means you're a multitasking mofo! Lightstone wants you to focus on the other production tasks at hand and not worry about gear. With years of production experience coupled with a large and diverse inventory, you can rest easy knowing that one call to Lightstone is all it takes...

Very flexible pick-up and drop-off times with 24 hour support.

Cameras such as the Arri Mini, Amira, Canon C300II or the new Sony FS7. G&E, Tungsten Hot Lights, LEDs, Florescent, Honda 2K Putt Putts. Sound, Lavs, Stick Mics, Booms, Mixers. Jibs and Cranes, Hot Heads, Remote Focus Controllers, FIZ. Video Assist, Monitors of all sorts, External Video Recorders, etc...

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